We have developed innovations for the production of packaging materials in the food industry without synthetic ones materials from biodegradable materials naturally decomposed in nature for 100 days.
Our holding has signed key contracts with existing synthetic plastics manufacturers
packaging materials in different parts of the world.

Thanks to good knowledge of cryptography, we have created a Crypto currency whose value will be the packaging materials of biodegradable materials.

We created 500 million units,
Each unit will have market value at least 1USD

A new company concept. Upgrading your business
The greatest oportunity to enhance yourself on the network marketing.
An amazing way to be useful to humanity.
Become a partner/business associate.
An ID – Identificator of oportuinities and reveal your true potential.

ID Social Gold Coin

ID Time is Money

ID Eco Social Coin

ID Agro Social Coin


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